Just washed and waxed itn nice and clean :)

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Poopy pic but it says “your luck has completely changed today” i hope so pretty much had a bad year lots of stuff went down couple of car accidents lost a person I really cared about lost a job then got another then lost that one and essentially was losing my mind , depression, anxiety and insomnia. @.@ probably could of died twice back then once in the car accident could if fallen off a highway bridge overpass, then the second shortly after I started drifting in my car to cope with all my torrent of emotions taking my car sideways at 70mph and losing control and spinning out. I could of easily flipped my car and ended upside down in a ditch. Lucky I was able to control my car enough so I didn’t crash. I still drift but not that much like I did before. Back then it was on a daily basis went through tires like mad. Every month I needed tires, used of course cuz I was super broke. I had to drift I needed the adrenaline to feel better it was the only thing that worked. I didn’t have anyone to turn to and the only person I did had left me. Yeah crazy times in the process of this I destroyed my suspension had to get it rebuilt then got a new set of tires then crashed my car like three days later after paying like 600 bucks to get it fixed then 381 for tires. Had to replace the right side axle, plus cv shaft, the rim and the swaybar end link. Yeah it wasn’t koo thought my car wasn’t gunna run again. Luckly it is :) its probably running better than it ever has..

Random thoughts

Sometimes I see someone’s post and I wanna comment on it but then I’m like ” if I say that i might sound like a dick…maybe not..”